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August 23, 2009


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I can't even remember the last time I updated my blog. Even my business website is pretty out of date.

I love how you write about your kids - they really know how to keep you busy, don't they? Lately I've joined a writing class and my only time to write is very late at night when everyone is in bed. Of course, by then I'm completely shattered and brain-dead and comfy bed calls like a siren...

...keep writing though. You do have a knack for expressing yourself!


I'm looking forward to this thing you call "school". There is free time, you say? I am not, however, looking forward to pretending to be Emperor Palpatine for hours on end.

Deep. Breath.

(Hilarious post, BTW.)

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

Hi there.... I read your article last year about not redshirting your son, and my BFF and I have been mildly obsessed with the idea and your article in particular. We both came from NYC (she was a magazine editor and I was in book publishing) and followed love to San Antonio, Texas. We both have been having similar culture shock issues. My son is four --a May birthday-- and I am going through now exactly what you described in your article. My son is very bright, super social and his preschool teacher and most of his friend's parents are pressuring me to hold him back from kindergarten so that "he can achieve his true leadership potential". My husband and I have made the decision to forge ahead and sent him anyway come September... so my question is... have you had any regrets now that year one is behind you? We are dying to know how it all turned out.

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