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May 26, 2009


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Donna Kinnaird



curious how your gardening adventure turned out. I haven't updated anything about mine in forever. I learned a lot in my first-timer's garden. #1, you must put pesticide of some kind on broccoli. #2, Tomatoes need a lot more room than I gave them. #3, Don't do lettuce or spinach next year...at least not the varieties I picked out this year. #4 PLANT DEEPER next time. My roma tomatoes took forever to take off, and they grew like crazy. I had enough to give several bags to friends and make a pot of sauce. Actually need to plant a couple more plants next year, but need to find a different place for them. They were growing right up to my back steps, making it difficult to get in the back door. Green beans did awesome. Herbs did awesome...some better than others. My bell-peppers did OK, will put in different location next year...probably swap w/ the maters.

Nova @ Organic Home Garden

that's very sweet. i read about the accidental cantaloupes on the other posts. it was nice that they grew well. your tomatoes are cute =)

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