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May 01, 2009


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Donna Kinnaird

Hurray for miracles. I have witnessed many in my day. Seeds are truly miraculous. What a gift to us to show us all the possibilities there are in this life. Keep it up!


My husband keeps saying "any day now" too. "I can't wait to have my first salad from my own garden". I keep having to remind him that what we have right now would make a pitiful salad. Its just a couple of leaves sticking out of the ground. Its amazing how fast they start out...then seem to take forever to get to the part you're waiting for. FREE FOOD. OK, maybe not FREE. I've spent more hours cultivating, watering, checking, checking, weeding, checking, watering, checking, snapping pictures than I probably should have. Time is money right?

I'm so glad that your miracle cantaloupes made their grand entrance!


Holly remember what I said about cantaloupes!!!!!!! love your comments on gardening...very funny stuff lady...love. eva

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