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April 26, 2009


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wendy koster

My NY stories are simple affairs that consist mainly of me wandering around SoHo with a Wisconsin/Texas friend who now lives there and thinking, "If this city were my home, it would eat my Midwestern ass alive." Now then, when you're ready to talk Midwest (Logansport, IN or Omaha, NE variety), I'm your girl. Or pink too-wet aloe plants. I can do that too. Though mine might be more aptly described as salmon in hue . . . .

Donna Kinnaird

I remember that day all too well. Seems like yesterday, but you have come so far since then. I admire you a lot! mom


I have no New York stories yet. I've never been. I didn't go on the trip senior year...I decided to use that week to let my parents know that they were going to be Grandparents. That only happens a couple times in your life. NYC will still be there...whenever I get around to it.


Wow, you really know how to write.

I had a similar experience when I was a young girl and moved from sunny Brisbane (Australia) to cold, rainy London. With a heroin addict for a landlord. And a flatmate who was dealing ecstasy. And I was just an innocent, middle-class kid dropping out of University to try to get a record contract!

I really love your blog, btw.

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