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April 07, 2009


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Scott Ginder

Andrea and I figuring out how to do this for the first or rather trying to remember what our parents and grandparents did without dousing everything with seven dust. Half of of our radishes got big in about 45 days and the ones that did not don't seem to grow any more. I think we planted them too late which was end of January. The seed pack said 24 days for maturity and since we used super organic soil and watered regularly I'm blaming their poor growth on the timing. We just planted the warm weather seeds and are psyched to see them sprout. We are addicted to the plants now and working them it's such a relief from the dour economic news that rarely let's up. Hood luck with the radishes.

Nova @ Organic Home Garden

Are planning to plant radish again? You must have already. Hope they turn out better this time.

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